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“Not About Me” painting
December 22, 2010, 5:48 am
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“Not About Me” is a piece I’ve been working on for Painting I (240). It is strictly an oil painting on canvas, 30 inches by 50 inches. I was looking around at some contemprary artists, and I love Guy Dennings work. I’ve been pretty concerned with the meaning and deep content behind my work since university started, but Guy Dennings paintings were very aimply, emotionally based, with a vulnerable quality. That feeling within his paint moved me, and I thought I should try just putting some of my personal emotion onto a painting. “Not About Me” was not supposed to be a self portrait, but it was inspired by personal feelings.

The colour palate I believe is the strongest element of the painting, which has been a struggle for me in the past. I used Liquin Impasto to speed up the drying process and add a little more texture, and liquid Artist’s Painting Oil Medium to create the runny drips (Windsor and Newton brand).

Other possible titles for the painting brought up from the crit was “the sweaty lady” ;). That really made me laugh.  Some problems with proportion arose out of combining two pictures to make one painting, but for my next work I will pay more attention to the drawing. I realized the problems when it was too late.


(also shout out to stephen, thanks for taking the pics for me :))



Online Profile Complete
December 12, 2010, 2:42 am
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My Online Profile is complete, thanks to Wix.xom, I got to create something completely my own without having to use HTML or hosting. It really is a fantastic site for hosting and web-building.

In my Online Profile I included:

Artwork (including descriptions of my work on a slideshow), Essays, Video, Photography, Resume with links to websites of my employers, Resources and Tools, Links to my various online accounts (youtube, twitter, flickr, wordpress), a contact form, an educational statement, and a cute little bird that flies across the page! (probably my favorite part, besides the slideshow). Oh and a “whats new” part. There’s also a link to more about me, if you click on my name on the top of tha page.

This has been a lot of work, trying to maneuver my way through a new program, and not working from a template, but it’s been so rewarding and fun. I wish I could be a web designer!

The link to my site is..

Next step.. domain name and webhosting! (looking into that..)

check it out 🙂 Thanks!

Once Upon A Messy Room… (stop-motion Final Proj.)
December 5, 2010, 7:29 am
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DONE! I can’t believe we did it. After days of filming and editing and putting on clothing and makeup, I can finally say I have completed my first stop-motion video! Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the artistic eye of “AshleyVis” ;).

I was laying in my cluttered bed one morning, trying to figure out how my room got so messy, and then realized that it was because I just have to try on so many things before I can get the right combination. I might sound a little obsessed with fashion, but I think it’s just another part of my creative side.. manifesting itself in my closet.

I thought, how could I keep my room tidy? Well, if I could just snap my fingers and have the clothing appear on me, that would help. Of course that’s only possible in the virtual world of stop-motion. PERFECT! Final Project, here I come.

Ashley and me decided to team up for this feat, and sadly she found videos that were almost like the idea I had in my mind. Roadblock #1. I didn’t feel so original and genius anymore, but we decided to go along with the concept anyways. 

The next question was how to shoot it? Originally we had planned on doing three different people’s “dream morning’s”, a mother and a son as well as a girl, and even incorporating a breakfast segment, but being the last week of classes, we chose sanity over complexity.

Because I have the program Pinnacle studios, it has a feature that lets you select and grab certain frames from video and create stills with those frames. I knew this would save a lot of shooting time, but we would be editing for a while. We decided to do a combination. The make-up portion was shot with a camera, and the clothing portion was with video. The camera shots turned out to be pretty high-quality. I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t be able to put my face in the correct position to make the shots have a realistic flow, but it was fabulous! And indeed very simple to edit.

The video allowed for really easy filming, I don’t think we would have been able to shoot as much as we did without the video.. but boy was there a tedious amount of editing. We considered just leaving the frames as they were, without taking all the stills, but in the end it just didn’t seem as cohesive, and we buckled down to finish the stop-motion.

Adding sound was fairly simple.. is a great site for sound effects. And Ashley had the prefect song on her mac, “Shine On” by The Kooks.

It was hard work, but honestly the time flew by. I think we were a great team too. DEFINITELY will be making one again someday :). Possibly part 2?

Thanks for reading!