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Tech Task 7 – RIP a remixers manifesto
November 9, 2010, 1:10 am
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Do you ever wonder when we will run out of songs? When we have used up every combination of notes in every possible key? I used to wonder if one day we would find the end, or new genres would come out that really didn`t make any musical sense. But culture and creativity can`t always be predicted…

Remixing is a genius new way to create music in the 21st century. I haven`t heard much of “girl talk“, but I have heard my share of remixes. I find it hard to believe that these artists might become music `martyrs` if they continue this innovative method of composing.

Companies all over the world seem to be losing the heart that first started their dynasties, and are now only looking to control and make the big bucks. And Disney, although they will always be a part of my childhood, they went too far. 70 years is too long for anything to be `protected`, by then, `Babie`will only be remembered by the children it traumatized (maybe that is a strong word).. the children it vegetarianised.  It`s too long. Remixers and editors are reliving elements of all old media into beautiful callauges to bring us new art. I use pop-culture all the time to create beauty and statements in art, why not musicians? We aren`t harming, we are contributing to the progression of culture. What is it going to take to make this acceptable? How can we show them when they`re getting paid to stifle. The money is just too good for them to see the light. They would rather make martyrs out of them.

We are glorifying the past, honoring the artists, not calling them our own but building on recognizable musical masterworks. Mash-ups should not be wrong if the original artists are made reference to. Companies who are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars from moms, teens, and students pockets are out for nothing more than the money itself. Any good intention that was behind criminalizing the remixing of music, was lost within the witch-hunt it became.

Whether I like it or not, I`m in the generation of culture-changers, company defying criminals. But I am glad. I`m not going to starting using limewire, I`ll stick to my itunes, but I hope to be one of the people who help make this a LEGAL remixing world in Canada.


watch it.


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