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Alright I finally gave in, I joined the website I have resisted for so long. Twitter. I don’t know if anyone could have made it through today’s ecmp class without a change of heart on the matter. A principle Skyped in today and said that he would hire someone with an online profile over someone who didn’t, and someone with twitter was even more likely. My future seems to depend on this life-posting website. Alright it’s more of a resource gathering, connection making tool. And it is good. Twitter is a good thing, there I said it.

Why did I resist? I was just sick of having SO MANY accounts and passwords and things I needed to check up and keep up on, when I can’t even keep up with all the connections in my real life. Excuse my words, I mean physical life. The web is real life too, it’s just through the technology. BUT if this is so important to many great educators, then it will be great for me too.

So my name is iblaina, check me out in a few days because there isn’t really anything to look at right now. Send me a message if you want! Wait, can you do that? With the @ sign or something? I’ll figure it out :).


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The proliferation of accounts can complicate things, especially when you add alternatives like , onesocialweb, Appleseed, or diaspora to twitter and facebook. A good aggregator can help. Gwibber on Linux will aggregate status updates from several services. You might want to watch Mark Pesce’s plexus project, which seeks to make the social graph local.

Comment by Jason Green

thanks, I’ll check it out!

Comment by Ellaina Brown

Welcome. Now that you have made the move…life will never be the same!! By the way the grass needs mowing on your masthead. ;o)

Comment by geoffallemand

@geoffallemand, I know I’m really falling behind on my yard maintenance, and now with twitter, it might be growing for a while 😉

Comment by Ellaina Brown

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alec Couros, gcouros. gcouros said: RT @courosa: One of my #ecmp355 students decided to join Twitter after @gcouros 's session today. Please welcome @iblaina […]

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