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Mission Impossible (almost accomplished)
November 7, 2010, 3:40 am
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This Canadian weather has been so abruptly, painfully cold lately, that I’ve been fanaticizing about the idea of living in California. Come on, haven’t you let your imagination run?  But there is one person who dreamed of coming HERE, and he didn’t let it stop with his imagination. In his homeland in China, he left for the airport dressed as a Caucasian elderly man, in hopes to fly to our snowy wonderland. He made it.

I wonder how he came up with this elaborate plan. I can imagine his friends thinking he we watching too many Mission Impossible movies with this kind of idea, but it worked. Almost. This 20-some year old Asian man (let’s call him Ethan) boarded an airplane in Hong Kong wearing a very elaborate mask and costume, and if it wasn’t for his youthful-looking hands, they might never have caught him (they never tell you about disguising your hands in the movies). Neither his boarding pass nor his areoplan card had his birth date on it, and it wasn’t required, which is what he presented. When I look at that picture of him in his costume, I find it pretty amazing that the security in Hong Kong didn’t have a clue. I guess he picked the right disguise, who wants to give a senior a hard time?

What’s even more curious than how he came up with the plan, is why he did. When Ethan was detained he claimed the status of “Refugee”. What was he escaping from, what did he leave behind, that made his so desperately want to come to Canada? I have a feeling it was more than just to show his buddies he could do it. What could his story be? Is he running from the ruthless Chinese mob after a bad business deal? Does he want a huge house with a large family? Is he trying to find the woman he fell so deeply in love with on the illegal website of Facebook? Is he a spy? Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies. But I really want to know why Ethan went to such extreme measures to get here.

Maybe Ethan would think I’m the crazy person, dreaming about leaving this country. This is, after all the land of opportunities, freedom, and acceptance, isn’t it? Shouldn’t that be enough?

Maybe it’s Canada’s reputation for being forgiving and accepting that seemed to fit his escape plan, but I hope Ethan can stay in Canada, and I hope he finds what he was looking for.


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This was quite something, wasn’t it? It has been interesting how much news this gotten – authorities have said much worse happens daily, but I guess this is a bit more unique and interesting than most stories at the airport.

Comment by courosa

It was the picture that really caught my eye. Worse happens daily? now I’m even more intrigued..

Comment by Ellaina Brown

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