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Connect the Masses, Destroy the Few: The Social Network

The anticipation was finally over, as the lights dimmed in the theatre of The Social Network. True, I had mocked it in its entirety through the first couple commercials months before. I thought it should have been a comedy. But then I realized the reality of making millions through a simple idea, and technological ability, is life-altering, in a way that hasn’t really happened before. And he was my age, 20. Pretty relevant.

It was a fascinating true story. The characters seemed real, everybody messes up. No one is good, in my mind, everyone had a side. It is left up to the audience’s interpretation to decide who was in the wrong, and who is really a “douche”. What isn’t left for us to wonder, is if Mark has any friends left. He doesn’t. He invented the greatest Social Network, people-connecting website of all time, and destroyed his few friendships in the process. Ironic.

Of course one has to question, how much of this movie is actually true? I’ve heard it was largely based on facts, but I did some googleing myself. It turns out Mark had no interest in helping out, or being a part of this movie at all. Mark considers fiction the entire movie “fiction”, and the book it is based on (Accidental Billionaires) to be inaccurate and poor research.

Although, the character of Mark in the movie, if at all accurate, would have this type of reaction to a movie made about himself. So the research didn’t end there. I found a very helpful page on that was looking to just give the truth, no sides. The facts were true! Besides his girlfriend still being the same one he’s dated since before making Facebook, it was fairly accurate, down to the “66” restaurant in NYC (where Mark and Eduardo and his girlfriend met with Shawn Parker). Marks best friend did sue him, and so did the Winklevoss brothers, who did approach  him with their idea before Facebook was invented. Even the chimney zip line was real! Look’s like Mark does have something to hide. Then again, how reliable is a website?

Facebook doesn’t seem to have the same light-hearted quality. It is sobering that what was created to connect people, ended up ripping apart the people who created it. Then again, does a billion dollars ever really bring people together?

–> Mark’s non-co-operation with “The Social Network” –> Mark considers “The Social Network” fiction. –> the truth about Social Network


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I saw the movie in Alberta last week, and I really enjoyed it. I was very surprised, but it was very well done – and it really does give an interesting perspective to this social network movement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Comment by courosa

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