The Grass Is Greener…

Why “The Grass is Greener”…
October 5, 2010, 12:03 am
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I suppose I should explain the meaning to the title of my Blog. What inspired the title was actually the skin, when I was browsing for my layout for this blog it just popped out at me. Let’s say it was blove at first sight (blog+love… alright lame). The green grass made me think of the quote, “the grass is greener on the other side”, or “the grass is never greener on the others side”. I didn’t want to finish the quote, because I wanted to leave it ambiguous, up to the interpretation of the reader. What is your motto? The grass will always be greener somewhere else, and we have to keep improving ourselves and setting higher goals, even if we never get to the greenest pastures? Or, is looking for greener grass is only going to leave you unsatisfied with the present?

My blog (and most blogs, I suppose) addresses the issues of today, especially concerning technology. Should we be looking to greener pastures, trying to push technology forward, especially through revolutionizing Education? Or, maybe I’ll be campaigning for the soft, greeny grass we walk on. Both have their places here in my blog, and in our paradigms.

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“Other” vote submissions for “the grass is…”

being pooped on by small dogs.

sometimes greener on the other side.

green all the time.


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