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Online Profile
October 28, 2010, 3:27 am
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In grade 7 I could write HTML, and I had a domain to go with it. It’s about time I got back into my web-designing side. Online Profile, here I come!

I don’t want to dive in head first, so I’m starting out with a free website building (and hosting) site. caught my eye first off, and immediately I was designing. Adding boxes, widgets, creating pages, making it “flashy” (in more ways than one) was simple to navigate! I’m really enjoying all I can do with it right now. It’s a real time-saver.

Another good feature is the ability to use your own domain name. No, it isn’t free (that would be sweet), but for 4.50 a month you could have that and so much more! Honestly, I don’t think I’ll do that, because if I really like my page I’ll just re-make it on HTML and find a cheaper web-hosting service with my own domain. But! It is still a fabulous option.

To check out my progress, or to start a website yourself, follow the link:

let me know if you have suggestions or comments or anything! (I don’t know what to put under my name, by the picture slideshow, if you have a thought share it ūüôā )


The Right To Post

I’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of maintaining a presentable online persona, and perhaps you have too. We’ve all heard stories of how online gossip can get you on bad terms with your boss, or worse, out of a job. But have you heard about the backlash?

At the University of Calgary one student posted an online complaint. He was upset about a 65% he¬†received¬†from a teacher, so he accused her of laziness and inquired about how he could get a re-mark. His¬†Facebook¬†page stated, “I no longer fear Hell; I took a course with Aruna Mitra”. This landed him probation, along with the others who commented. Three years later, at a judicial ruling, the judge declared the disciplinary measures “excessive”, and no further action should be taken. In fact, it was the institution that was infringing upon the student’s charter rights when they punished them for their online critic. Woah, does this mean no one should be discriminated against for what they post online?

Like anything you say in real life, what you post will effect how people think of you. No matter how free you are to say what you want, there are always¬†consequences¬†to some degree. Perhaps authorities won’t be able to punish you directly, or take you to court, but there are other long-lasing repercussions. What this student has posted will be something he has to deal with forever. It might seem like the he was just trying to get a fair grade, but it sure came across as malicious. His¬†Facebook¬†page,¬†along with his statements to the press, suggest that¬†he wasn’t looking out for the good of himself, but the overthrow of the professor. Which he claims is for the betterment of students everywhere, but how well did he really know her? Was she just going through a hard time, having a bad day? The article mentions that she stopped instructing classes at UofC soon after.

Perhaps he succeeded in his ploy, but at what cost? He now has a certain reputation. He’s now one to be feared, and possibly avoided. But it was his right to say what he wanted. His right, maybe even his duty to bring about justice. To some his story might even be heroic. But perhaps the biggest¬†consequence¬†will be something he has yet to realize.

We all have the right to free speech, and the ability to tear others down. The right to post, and to ruin our own reputations. What should we do?

The article can be found here:

“WANTED” – tech task #6
October 19, 2010, 11:35 pm
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Here is the video we completed in 3 hours (about) for ecmp355, We sort of breached the parameters we were given in every way.. but we sure had fun making it.

iMove 2009 review: Although the program was pretty to look at, and useful when attaching files and materials created and gathered from other programs (it was actually quite intuitive in that sense), it had limited capabilities once the materials were there. It was a bit deceiving. After quite some time searching ways to edit sound tracks, we couldn’t really edit the sound at all. We also lost the visual a few times. Perhaps they were prompting apple consumers to buy Final Cut? But apparently other versions of iMovie, specifically version 2006, are both more maneuverable and have better editing options. For a free movie editing program, I would prefer Windows Movie Maker.

Look: 4.5/5

Ease and Accessibility: 3.5/5

Uploadability: 4.5/5

Options and Effects: 2/5

The ‚ÄúAwe‚ÄĚ Factor: 2/5

…which gives it a final score of 16.5 out of 25! iMovie 2006 is your basic movie editing program, great if you want to whip up quick video with a few snazzy effects.

Not-so-helpful cooking tutorials
October 19, 2010, 12:39 am
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I’ve become a bit more of an avid YouTuber these past few weeks, and I wanted to make my contribution to the YouTube community. Me and my friends were making dinner and dessert, and decided to film ourselves and try to make a little tutorial. I think it exposed our in abilities to cook rather than provided sufficient information. So far, 40 hits! It’s going to be revolutionary ;).

October 18, 2010, 7:34 am
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Benq laptop

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((Warning, this post is on the verge of a “vent”))

My laptop was stolen, and I actually feel lost in the world. My schedule, plans, ideas, assignments, notes… it is all being erased in someones basement as I type. The nerve! If you are out there Mr. Thief¬†who broke my car window and rummaged through my vehicle, I will pay you more for that old laptop than you will ever get from a pawn shop! Actually, I honestly considered driving my car back to the place where it was broken into, placing¬†a note on the window, hoping the thief¬†would come back for more, and it would say “300 dollars for the laptop”. Then a better idea struck me: no, I should stick a camera in the vehicle and then catch the culprit! But then they might just break into my car and steal the camera, so I would somehow have to hook up a feed that would transmit the data to somewhere else…

Is this healthy? Am I such a good person that I deserve to have a laptop, when only 25% of the world (or less) has internet access? But I’m just going along with my cultural norms; It’s not¬†my fault I was born into this privileged life!¬†Yikes, I never want to go down that road. I have always wanted to be able to at least try to keep my life in perspective with the rest of the world, so I don’t take things for granted.

So what the heck, why do I feel so down? Do I really need to dwell on this so much? It’s just stuff! Maybe I need to lose my things more often… (that’s not an invitation, I’m being hypothetical). You don’t know what you got till it’s gone I guess, or how attached you really are to the material things that are really only a privilege.

This makes me wonder, should we really be supplying our schools and young people with cellphones, computers, iPods, mounds and mounds of technology, when¬†90% of the world doesn’t even have¬†a¬†college¬†education.¬†A¬†billion people¬†entered into the 20th century not even able to write their own name, let alone type it. Aren’t their bigger issues in the world than how to get more stuff into the classroom? Could that money be used to help someone read a book for the first time?

Honestly, I am one of thee most fortunate people in the world to even have access to a computer.

Just a thought.

some not-so-fun-facts:

Stop-Motion Art
October 11, 2010, 2:31 pm
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Another blogger inspired me to put up my favourite stop-motion¬†vid’s, since we discussed it in class on Wednesday! The first is called “Mutu”, a creative transforming graffiti animation that must have taken DAYS! My friend Jesse showed it to me ::

This second is more main-stream I assume. It’s a chalk-art video made for Coldplay. I love how they incorporated a real person (Chris Martin) into their chalk-world. This is a must watch, and the music ain’t so bad either ūüėČ ::


If you have any of your own, please post them in a response or comment! I’d love to see them.

If Mark Z Wrote “The Social Network”

Here’s a funny mock trailer I found in my investigation of the truth¬†in The Social Network. It kind of fits with my previous post. Enjoy!