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Question… Do We All Need Tech-Support?
September 28, 2010, 12:29 am
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Ring any Bells? Have you ever been stuck in the scrolls while the world is moving on to books? Do you remember the first time you had to work a computer? How about the first time you tried to text, or upload your photo’s, and then upload them to an email, and then send them on an email from your phone! Or get that song by Glee on your iPod that just won’t go on?! Did everything ever seem just a little too absurd for you, too out-there (too much work)? Did you ever want to give up, and just settle with the fact that you were going to just do things the old-fashioned way, because that’s the easy way?

Maybe not. But what have you been sceptical about this past year, techno-wise? Can you think of something? How do you feel about bringing in laptops in the classroom, and trashing those medieval pencil sharpeners for good? No more pencils. Out the libraries will go, right behind blockbuster.

Don’t we need a change? Should Mr. Winkle be comfortable sitting in our classrooms? Are students still sitting in desks, listening to a teacher talk at them, and taking notes off a chalkboard, because it is good? Is it system that is near perfection? Or maybe we have just been caught in our laziness. Hm, maybe the future will look back on these times as the “Dark Ages” for school’s. Perhaps we are all going to need a little Tech-support in these middle ages.


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I think the chalkboard was hailed as a revolution in student participation when it was first introduced (Where’s Ira Socol when you need him?). Oh, the irony.

Comment by Jason Green

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