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YouTube Anthropology response
September 19, 2010, 2:40 am
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Anthropology, way to represent! You could dedicate an entire blog to the topics discussed in this video. How do we define what meaningful relationships are? What is true community? How much reality do we need to function as a society, or individually? So many questions.

I have always found my most meaningful relationships to be ones where I could be myself, express myself, and be honest and open with someone, person-to-person. Internet-based relationships were easy, because I could essentially be whoever I wanted at the time, say what I wanted, but before I pressed “upload” or “send”, I could evaluate if that was what I wanted to portray as me. In my mind, internet was always a mask. Perhaps that is why I have shied away from computer communities and communication.

On the other hand, there are obviously many people who function well, or even need, online relationships. Only then can they truly open up and be themselves. For instance, bnessel1973, who gives Youtube, and the community of Youtube, credit for being the reason he got through the death of his baby son. But, was it really the relationship or community that he needed, or was it just an outlet for him to express himself? Did he even need it to be real? Was YouTube just his avenue of choice for his expressive healing?

It would be interesting to conduct a study on how much reality people really need. Through YouTube, are we realizing more and more that what we need isn’t reality? For me, I know these results could be devastating. My whole life I’ve thought that real friendships need. Individualism and independence are being sought after and treated as valuable traits, but our human values and needs for community and relationships (and authenticity, he says) are what we need. Possibly, the internet is now answering this social cry for help, through the web. It seems to be working.

Could online, web-based relationships really end up being all we need? Is this something that me, and my generation, are going to need to adjust to; cyber-communities? Will we be sitting in our rocking chairs, talking to our grandchildren (perhaps?) via skype, saying, “I remember the days when kids spoke to their friends face-to-face”, And then they will sigh and say, “Oh, Nana..” Or will it be something much greater?

As resistant as I feel I am, there is something beautiful about hundreds of people holding their hands to their camera’s, writing messages of hope to the world. Perhaps internet friendship is something I can, and should, get used to.


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